Therapy Putty

Therapy putty is well known as a non surgery medical treatment. It is widely used for rehabilitation worldwide. Therapy putty is an excellent choice for treating carpal tunnel, arthritis, to regain hand movement after stroke or simple hand or finger strength training. Hand therapy putty exercises are a great way to regain dexterity in your hand with a simple, affordable accessory. Suitable for all ages of individual who needs hand & finger exercise, hand & grip strength exercises. Each colour represents different resistance for individual exercises of different difficulties and goals.

Strength: Soft (Red)

Strength: Medium (Green)

Strength: Firm (Blue)

Strength: X Soft (Yellow)

Sensory Brush for Kids

A sensory brush or brushing program is often indicated for pediatric clients that have sensory dysfunction such as tactile sensitivity, hyperactivity, or general sensory dysregulation. It can help patients who engage in unsafe or undesired behaviors or are sensory seeking. Brushing can help children who are slow-to-start, or overly cautious, and those that are picky eaters. Some of the benefits of using sensory brushing are that it improves: focus, the ability to handle new situations, self-awareness, self-organization and self-control. It can increase a child’s ability to optimize their arousal and activity levels as well as decrease sensory defensiveness.

Colour: Pink

Colour: Yellow

Colour: Orange

Colour: Green

Colour: White

Colour: Blue

Ball Products

Hard Pilates Ball

Colour: Pink

Colour: Blue

Colour: Green

Colour: Orange

Spiky Massage Ball

Colour: Navy Blue

Colour: Lavender

Colour: Light Pink

Colour: Sky Blue

Card Products

Flash Cards

Design: Shapes

Design: Fruits

Design: Colours

Design: Alphabets

Baby Stimulus Cards

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