7 Most Common Speech Delay Symptoms you should watch out for

Speech Delay Symptoms
Speech delay is a problem that some parents encounter when their child is not developing as fast as they would think. Understanding the speech delay symptoms is very important, as there can be some challenges that arise if this problem is not handled correctly. What symptoms should you watch for?

Words are left out of a sentence

If the child tries to speak but words are left out of a sentence, this is one of the telltale speech delay symptoms to focus on. It’s a thing to consider and it certainly has its fair share of challenges.

Unable to say words that were already learned

In case the child finds it hard to say words that were already learned beforehand, that’s a problem. It’s a situation where the speech delay problems can arise, so an adequate treatment is required as fast as possible.

Not babbling by the age of 15 months

Every child should at least battle when they have 15 months. If they don’t battle, it can be one of the speech delay symptoms to watch for. It’s important to watch out for this, as it does happen very often.

Hard to create a sentence

If your child already is over a few years old and he can’t create a sentence, that can also a symptom. You do want to talk with the doctor about this, but it’s certainly a sign to focus on.

Poor articulation and pronunciation

These can be some of the speech delay symptoms that appear at times. It’s definitely a sign that your child has trouble talking and that can be a speech delay issue you want to solve right away.

Not following directions

If you try to help your child talk and he is unable to follow directions, that’s certainly a thing to think about here. It can be a simple problem or other stuff more significant.

Not talking even if the child is 2 years old

Again, this can be a speech delay sign and you must address it. Sure, it can be from intellectual disabilities, hearing impairments, autism and so on. regardless, it’s a thing to address right away.

An unusual tone of voice by 2 years old

If your child can speak when they are 2 years old but their tone is very strange and unusual, this can also be an issue. Again, going to the doctor can indeed help here.


speech delay symptoms
There are a variety of challenges that arise if you don’t address the speech delay symptoms early on. That’s why figuring out a solution might not seem like a lot, but it will be worth it. That’s exactly why you want to watch out for symptoms and tackle them properly.

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