What is Occupational Therapy?

Occupational Therapy Shah Alam

Occupational Therapy (OT) is a specialized approach that can be applied for children with autism, with a strong focus on improving a child's ability to perform their day to day tasks and improve their quality of life, allowing them to integrate into their homes, schools and society better.

Our occupational therapists work with children to address challenges they may face in daily life, and help them learn and enhance their fine motor skills, social skills, adaptive skills, and improve cognitive abilities required for daily activities such as writing, playing, dressing, and eating. Our therapy might utilize specialized tools or techniques to assist them in performing daily activities smoothly. OT focuses on:

  • Fine Motor Skills: Assisting children in improving fine motor skills such as writing, holding objects, or other delicate activities needed in daily life.
  • Social Skills: Helping them understand social rules, interact with others, and express their desires or needs more effectively.
  • Adaptive Skills: This therapy aids children in coping with challenges in adapting to daily routines, sudden changes, or new environments.
  • Cognitive Skills: Assisting in improving cognitive skills such as attention, memory, and problem-solving.

Our therapists will work with the children and their families to understand the challenges they face, tailoring specific exercises and activities to individual needs. Through this, we aim to help them use the skills learned in therapy at home and in their daily surroundings.

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What are some of the benefits of occupational therapy? The children will see an improvement in:

  • Daily life skills such as self-care, cooking, and cleaning.
  • Social and communication skills, such as taking turns, cooperating in activities, showing enthusiasm, and understanding social cues.
  • Gross motor skills like posture control, self-balance, coordination, and ball skills.
  • Fine motor skills such as writing, buttoning, using cutlery, and manipulating small objects in daily life.
  • Sensory processing skills that help them reduce the impact of high sensitivity issues/overstimulation.
  • Cognitive functions like problem-solving, impulse control, memory, and attention.
  • Self-help.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is occupational therapy effective for children with autism?
    • Yes, this therapy has been proven to help children with autism improve their skills, enhance their social interaction, and facilitate smoother daily activities.
  • How often should children attend sessions?
    • The frequency and duration may vary for each child based on their needs. Our therapists will plan a schedule based on the child's requirements and their achieved.
  • Does occupational therapy require parental involvement?
    • Yes, parents play a crucial role in OT as they will be taught how to assist their child in practicing and applying the learned skills from therapy sessions in their daily life at home. Other than that, parents are able to report first hand on their child's progress.
  • Are special tools/equipment needed at home?
    • There might be some specific tools or equipment required, our therapists will offer suggestions for equipment or minor changes that can be made at home to assist children in performing daily activities more effectively.
  • How long before I can see progress from this program?
    • The child's progress varies for each individual, but with consistent and continuous practice at the center and home, improvements in skills and quality of life are usually noticeable within a few months.
  • Is this occupational therapy limited to physical activity only?
    • No, it doesn't solely focus on physical activities but also aids in adaptation and social interaction by training other skills including motor skills, social skills, and cognitive abilities.
  • How can I enroll my child in this program?
    • Please contact us to schedule an assessment with our experienced therapists.
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