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Developmental Milestones

What is VB-MAPP?

VB-MAPP stands for Verbal Behavior Milestones and Placement Program.

The VB-MAPP is most commonly used to assess individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities.

The milestones assessment provides a representative sample of a child’s existing verbal and related skills, including requesting, labeling, answering questions, echoing, listening, motor imitation, visual perception, linguistic structuring, independent play, social play, group/classroom skills and early academics.

What is ABA Therapy?

What is Vineland Adaptive Bahavior Scale?

The Vineland Adaptive Behavior Scale (Vineland–3) is a commonly used tool that assesses individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, autism, and ADHD. It measures adaptive behavior skills, including communication, socialization, daily living skills, and motor skills of people from birth to 90 years of age.

Ways of Assessment
The questions are directed to parents/primary caregivers and other people familiar with the child including teachers through a semi-structured interview or survey.

It takes 20-60 min to administer and an additional 15-30 min for scoring.

How is the Vineland-3 scored?
All raw scores will be converted into standard scores that can be compared with the typical population of the same age.

What can we do with the results?
The results provide valuable information for developing educational and treatment plans, and the scores can be compared over time to monitor the treatment plan goal progress.

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