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Fit In Child Development Centre is an organization in Malaysia which specializes in designing professional #ABA treatment services for children with special needs. Housing a qualified team of autism experts, we have helped thousands of families cope with autism/ADHD/Dyslexia/GDD and etc.

Fit In CDC provides center-based or home-based 1on1 Intensive ABA treatment for children with special needs, such as Autism / ADHD / Speech Delayed / GDD / Dyslexia and etc.

Each student at Fit In is provided with a highly individualized ABA program that is specialized for them. Our experienced consultants dedicate their time in creating meaningful and effective programs that will be evaluated after every session.

Our unique ABA Treatment is a specialized approach to education. It is a very active teaching and learning process that is driven by outcomes. Teaching is individually tailored to each child and in the beginning stages rely heavily on one-to-one therapy. Our unique ABA Program with 1 Child : 1 Therapist approach in a Natural Environment Teaching (NET) has helped many children catch up to their development milestones.
The focus includes communication, cognitive, play, social, self-help and other functional skills.

The number of direct intervention hours provided to a child may range from 16 to as many as 30-40 hours or more per week. Sessions are typically provided in 2-hour blocks of time, and may occur five days per week. Treatment duration typically around 1 year.

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What is VB-MAPP?

VB-MAPP stands for Verbal Behavior Milestones and Placement Program.

The VB-MAPP is most commonly used to assess individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities.

The milestones assessment provides a representative sample of a child’s existing verbal and related skills, including requesting, labeling, answering questions, echoing, listening, motor imitation, visual perception, linguistic structuring, independent play, social play, group/classroom skills and early academics.

What is ABA Therapy?

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