100g Therapy Putty Set For Hand Exercise & Finger Exercise


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Therapy putty is important for children who have fine motor skills difficulties and poor postural control. Therapist will usually practice and teach using our Therapy putty. Our Therapy Putty is supplied to special schools nationwide.

Therapy putty is well known as a NON SURGERY medical treatment. It is widely used for rehabilitation worldwide

Therapy putty is an excellent choice for treating carpal tunnel, arthritis, to regain hand movement after stroke or simple hand or finger strength training. Hand therapy putty exercises are a great way to regain dexterity in your hand with a simple, affordable accessory. Suitable for all ages of individual who needs hand & finger exercise, hand & grip strength exercises.

Each colour represents different resistance for individual exercises of different difficulties and goals.

Product description :

✅ Comes in individual plastic containers (100g each)

✅ Available in 4 different resistance level :
BLUE ➡️ firm
GREEN ➡️medium
RED ➡️ soft
YELLOW ➡️ Extra soft

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✅ Non-toxic , Non-sticky , suitable for kids & adults

✅ Stretchable , pinch-able, mouldable , squeezable


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